New Concept of Boeoing 737 NG Desktop Cockpit

2023-11-29 14:34:57, 5899

Cockpit-Master brand-new Boeing 737NG modular series products


Hi All:

We are about to unveil our brand-new Boeing 737NG modular series products, which will feature an entirely new desktop cockpit configuration. We have implemented nearly all commonly used functional blocks of the entire aircraft in a modular fashion. This includes the MCP (Mode Control Panel), EFIS (Electronic Flight Instrument System) panel, engine module, flight control module, and pressurization module etc...—all of which can be integrated into a desktop stand.

Of utmost importance, our system is fully compatible with the current CDU MCP EFIS bridge software. Simultaneously, we are committed to keeping the pricing within a range that every Boeing enthusiast can afford. We will be launching an early bird pre-sale at the beginning of next year.

Let's start by sharing a few images for everyone to take a look. Stay tuned for more updates!